Friday, 26 June 2015

Mobile Phones

OK, this time I am being grumpy and I feel I do have something to gripe about. Eighteen months ago I bought a Nexus 5, I thought it was time for me to get a decent phone, and I loved it. It was a really great phone that did all that I wanted it to do and then some. Until Lollipop. After upgrading to Lollipop the WiFi stopped working. I contacted Google who replaced it under warranty - no problems, great customer service. The replacement phone was fine until the 5.1 upgrade and then the microphone stopped working. I again contacted the helpful friendly people at Google and a replacement phone was on the way although I did buy a bottom of the range Microsoft Lumia 435 to tide me over. Wonderful, the replacement Nexus 5 worked fine until I upgraded to Android 5.1.1 and then it started to randomly reboot. So, I thought, time to get geeky with it. I rooted the phone, installed a custom bootloader and then installed Cyanogenmod 12.1. It was much better but still rebooted occasionally. So this time I reinstalled KitKat 4.4.4. Better still, I had a useable phone again, but (not often enough for me to take a hammer to it), it still rebooted, but only rarely. Back to the Lumia 435 I bought as a backup. I have started using it quite a bit instead of the Nexus 5. I actually quite like it. OK, Windows has a poor selection of apps, but the phone does everything I need it to do and it performs really well. If this is Microsoft's budget phone, their better phones must really rock!